Norsk Skogkatt Society 3rd Exemption Show - 29 July 2006


Report by Su Startin

Photographs by Su Startin and Ali Ross



After what had seemed like weeks of scorching hot weather, the forecasters had finally promised us a cooler day for the show, a prospect I am sure most of the exhibitors were looking forward to.  Unfortunately the cooler weather did not arrive till late in the afternoon, so after all we had another day of fans and icepacks to try and keep our cats comfortable.Towel

Club standThis was the Norsk Skogkatt Society’s 3rd exemption show, and as for the previous two years we were at Churchdown Community Centre, near Gloucester, sharing with the Seal and Blue Point Birman Cat Club.  The show was again well-supported with 41 cats entered in competition and six on exhibition. When we arrived at the hall all exhibitors found our pens filled with lots of exciting gifts, including a specially embroidered white towel to commemorate the occasion, plus sample bags from James Wellbeloved, Arden Grange and Royal Canin, a tin of Applaws cat food, a toy mouse hand-knitted by Club Secretary Anne Harper in red, white and blue (the colours of the Norwegian flag) Hi-Life samples donated by Smylee Pets, and a goodie bag from Membership Secretary Beverley Spooner, which included cat-toys, a Felix foil pack and fruit drink and sweets to sustain the owner through the day!

The Best in Show pens were dressed in red, white and blue drapes and filled with wonderful prizes for the eventual winners - bags of biscuits nss06_20donated by Royal Canin and Techni-Cal, a mug and toys from Beverley, an Iams tin (donated by M F Penning) a bottle of bubbly, a box of Applaws cat food and Worlds Best cat litter (donated by MPM Products) and a goodie bag from Smylee Pets.  We were very sorry that Smylee Pets are no longer able to attend shows, after supporting the Club for the past two years; they were much missed.

The Club Table was piled high with the now-famous cat duvets made by Beverley’s mother and lots of bargain priced cat toys (including the equally famous premium-grade catnip bags).  Business was brisk throughout the day.  This year the Club held a very successful raffle and in addition, Committee member Tracy Wood had donated a beautiful drawing which she had done in pastel and pencil of one of her own cats - we had a special draw for this lovely picture which raised £89 for Club funds.  The lucky winner was Anne Hinsley.


We were all glad to see how many exhibitors were returning to the show this year after supporting us in previous years.  This year we staged loyalty classes for those who had entered both the previous shows, with cash prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, with the Adult and Neuter classes each attracting seven entries. 


One return entry from 2005 was Vanaheim Merlin, last year’s Best in Show Kitten, all grown up now of course.  Sitting cool and calm in his pen, you would never have guessed the adventures he had been up to the previous evening.  Owners Debbi Figueirido and Simon Weightman nss06_5live by a canal and have their own narrowboat moored there.  Merlin is fond of playing on the boat and finds it a handy vantage point for watching the ducks.  The night before the show a working pair of historic narrow boats was passing by on their way to a festival - Merlin’s curiosity got the better of him and he jumped onto the nearer boat to explore.  Luckily Debbi and Simon were able to attract the attention of the man in charge of the pair of barges who tried frantically to slow them down.  Meanwhile Simon followed Merlin onto the barge, retrieved him from the coal hold, and then had to leap back onto their own boat across the rapidly widening gap clutching the cat.  Thankfully both Simon and Merlin suffered no ill-effects from the escapade (apart from Merlin’s dirty paws).  With the paws cleaned up nicely for the show, Merlin came second in his hotly contested Open class and had a first place in one of his side classes.










Taking it easy on a very hot day, the oldest exhibit at the show, 8 year old PR SNOWSCAPE STORM, owned by Carol Kemp, bred by Mr & Mrs D Buckley


PR VIEUXTEMPS VANTAGE VROOM, owned by Mr & Mrs Fishlock-Lomax, bred by Mary Rose Douglas


NORMAGIKATT BAYLE owned by Bridget Beavil, bred by Jeannette Grabham











TIGANLEA QUEEN JASMINE owned by Jenny and Darren Handy, bred by John and Caroline Tipper


CH NORSKMAGI HENNESEY owned and bred by Jenny and Darren Handy


CATWO CATRINA owned by Mr A Rowberry, bred by Jenny Sedgwick











SYLVANNIAS ZASCHA, owned by John and Caroline Tipper, bred by Sylvia Freeman


CH VIEUXTEMPS VANQUISH, owned by Mr & Mrs Fishlock-Lomax, bred by Mary Rose Douglas


COSCATHAS GWITHIALL (on exhibition) owned and bred by Mark and Karen Kestle





By mid-afternoon the judges had selected the Best Adult, Best Kitten and Best Neuter - Tiganlea Queen Jette, Cleasanta Roisin and Pr Nordlys Giselle respectively.  Unusually for the Semi-Longhair section, this was an all-female line-up.  These three lovely cats were then taken up onto the stage, where Teresa Cole had the very difficult task of choosing overall Best in Show.  After careful deliberation, she gave the honour to the adult, Tiganlea Queen Jette.







Jonathan Cohen and Philippa Holmes with Best Neuter PR NORDLYS GISELLE, owned by Don and Liz Coward, bred by Carole Smith

Best in Show judging



This was Jette’s first GCCF show.  She is owned by Mr & Mrs Muswell, but had been brought to the show by Fiona Hermon on their behalf as they were away in Australia.  Jette’s breeders, John and Caroline Tipper, had a highly successful day as they also bred and own the Best Adult Male, Tiganlea Prince Davio.  This was the first time they have exhibited at the Norsk Skogkatt Society Show.


The Best Kitten, Cleasanta Roisin, was also the youngest competitor in the show, at only 15 weeks old.  Owned and bred by Ian and Fiona Hermon, Roisin took everything in her stride at her first show, and hopefully this is the start of a long and successful show career for her.


The Best Male Kitten, Fiordfelines Solo, had travelled up from Ivybridge in Devon, with owner-breeder Bridget Beavil, who was delighted with her kitten’s success.  Solo will shortly be going to his new owner (a veterinary nurse at Bridget’s local practice) and Bridget hopes she will carry on showing him.  It was altogether a very successful day for the family, as daughter Catherine won first prize in the raffle.


Pr Nordlys Giselle, the Best Neuter, is owned by Don and Liz Coward, and had a red card day at the show.  She is just over a year old and is a full sister to another of Don and Liz’s cats, the very successful Gr Pr Nordlys Athanasias.  Best Male Neuter, Ch & Pr Catwo Apollo, is owned and bred by Jenny Sedgwick who has been a great supporter of the show every year.



In addition to everyone who donated Best in Show prizes and gave gifts for exhibitors, the Club would like to thank Maureen Savage for her generous donation which provided the commemorative towels; our Show Manager (and President) Carol Pike for all her hard work in running the show; and the judges, Teresa Cole, Philippa Holmes, Lindsey Grant, Linda Martin, Sally Rainbow-Ockwell and Jonathan Cohen, plus all the stewards, the table workers, and everyone else who worked at the show and made it such a great success.


We are looking forward to seeing everyone again at our first sanction show, same venue 28 July 2007.


Full Best in Show results






OVERALL BEST IN SHOW/Best Adult/Best Adult Female:


Owners: Mr & Mrs Muswell

Breeders: Mr J & Mrs C J Tipper










Best Adult Male:


Owners/Breeders: Mr J & Mrs C J Tipper









Best Kitten/Best Female Kitten


Owners/Breeders: Mr I & Mrs F Hermon








Best Male Kitten


Owner/Breeder: Mrs B Beavil








Best Neuter/Best Female Neuter


Owners: Mr D & Mrs E P Coward

Breeder: Ms C A C Smith







Best Male Neuter


Owner/Breeder: Mrs J Sedgwick