Norsk Skogkatt Society

2nd Sanction Show

26th July 2008


Yet another Brilliant Day, a full report of the show plus piccys will follow soon, but to keep you going our well deserved


Best in Show Winners


Best Adult Male: 

GRCH Landsker Neo 

Bred by Ms C Hamilton

Owned by Jeanette Hughes


Best Adult Female & Best Overall Adult

CH Kvasir Vanadis

Bred by Beverley Spooner  

Owned by John & Caroline Tipper


Best Male Kitten & Overall Best Kitten & Overall Best in Show

Tiganlea Earl Willum

Bred by John & Caroline Tipper

Owned by Gary Chodkiewicz


Best Female Kitten

Normagikatt Kvasir Thea

Bred and Owned by Jeanette Hughes


Best Male Neuter & Overall Best Neuter

PR Elskendevenn Max

Bred and Owned by Alan & Louise Frost


Best Female Neuter

PR Norsvana Silver Sapphira

Bred by Tracy & Colin Wood

Owned by Mr A & Mrs A Whittle