Norsk Skogkatt Society

2nd Championship Show

1st October 2011



Best in Show Winners



Overall BIS
Gr Pr Norskmagi Tavaris

 Best Norwegian Adult Male BIS Overall Adult
Ch Mountainspirit Blueboobaloucat
Bred by Gary Chodkiewicz
Owned by Ali Ross

Best Norwegian Adult Female
Ch Gledekatt Frigg
Bred and Owned by Jane Scott

Best Norwegian Kitten Male
Zelandonii Vladimar
Bred and Owned by Julie Comer

Best Norwegian Kitten Female BIS Overall Kitten
Normagikatt Amber
Bred and Owned by Jeanette Hughes

 Best Norwegian Neuter Male BIS Neuter
Gr Pr Norskmagi Tavaris
Bred by Jenny Handy
Owned by Richard Handy

Best Norwegian Neuter Female
Gr Pr Tiganlea Mistress Esha
Bred by John & Caroline Tipper
Owned by Tracey Spooner