Norsk Skogkatt Society

8th Championship Show

7th October 2017



Best in Show Winners


Overall Best In Show
Minnetonka’s Heartbreaker

Best Norwegian Adult Male & Overall BIS Adult & Overall BIS
Minnetonka’s Heartbreaker
Bred by U Gleich
Owned by Miss A Ross

Best Norwegian Adult Female
Gr Ch Nandinakatt’s Lady Edith
Bred by Mr & Mrs Marlow & Ms de Dios
Owned by Miss K Brown

Best Norwegian Kitten Male
Normystic Lord Maximillian
Bred and Owned by Mr R Handy

Best Norwegian Kitten Female & Overall BIS Kitten
Kattjewels Shiny Eevee
Bred and Owned by Mrs J Candler

Best Norwegian Neuter Male & Overall BIS Neuter
Gr Pr Normagikatt Mekal
Bred by Mrs J Hughes
Owned by Mr S & Mrs R Gaskell

Best Norwegian Neuter Female
Pr Forestshadow Skye
Bred by Mr D Handy
Owned by Mr S & Mrs R Gaskell

Best in Show Non-Pedigree Pet
Owned by
Mr & Mrs D & C Ellis

Best in Show Pedigree Pet & Overall BIS Household Pet
Owned by
Ms I Worsley-Waring