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We run a very active welfare section to help wegies needing new homes. If you feel you could offer an unfortunate wegie a loving new home please contact a committee member.


Currently looking for their forever home...

We don't have any cats for rehoming at the moment - please check back later.


Successfully found their new forever home...

Letty & Kiara

Letty and Kiara are absolutely fine and very much enjoying life with us in Hereford. Kiara likes to spend time exploring the garden early morning and has a long siesta most afternoons. Letty goes out into the garden later and loves climbing up the fence, walking along the top and having a panoramic view. Both sisters eat well and drink plenty of water. Letty often prefers to sleep on a chair whilst Kiara likes her cat bed. Kiara and Letty are wonderful cats and are very much loved and cherished by us both.




Odin has settled in really well, enjoys his food but is not greedy so he's lost weight and is much more cat shaped. His chest is not bulky anymore, his face is slimmer, and I can feel his bone structure more easily. He's also much more supple and agile than he was. He went for a check-up at the vets and the vet thought he was lovely and he behaved very well. She was very impressed with his teeth, and said that she would have thought he was no more than 3 years old from his teeth! He is now spending less time in his daybed and more time on my bed. He hops up and makes a comfy space for himself at all times of day and night. He tends to stay at arm's length rather than snuggle right up, but he really enjoys being massaged and loves having his head and neck rubbed. As soon as I start to stroke him, he cuddles his back leg then his front paw round my arm, so that my hand is tucked into his tummy. He is getting quite adept at moving my hand to where he wants to be stroked, by angling his head or pushing gently against my arm with his back paw. He also seems to like being combed sometimes and has twice stretched out full length so that I could do all of him. It must make him feel nice when his fur's all sleek. Odin is now starting to venture out into the garden and has finally jumped on to the top of the fence he's been eyeing up. (I was standing right next to him and lifted him straight back down- what a spoilsport.) So much for the fat cat that wouldn't move much a few months ago! We are going to extend the cat proofing as a result! He can still be a bit nervous, but seems to be getting the idea that he's safe here and that everyone is gentle with him. He is much loved.




His new owners say that they are really delighted to have him, and that he has settled in really well and is the most loveable cat they have ever had!